A Roth IRA offers you flexibility, and the opportunity to take qualified distributions/withdrawals tax-free in retirement.

For additional information on the taxation of ROTH IRAs please visit

Roth IRAs | Internal Revenue Service


How much can I contribute?

Retirement Topics – IRA Contribution Limits | Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov)


What is a qualified distribution?

A qualified distribution is any payment or distribution from your Roth IRA that meets the following requirements.

It is made after the 5-year period beginning with the first tax year for which a contribution was made to a Roth IRA set up for your benefit.

  1. The payment or distribution is:
    • Made on or after the date you reach age 59½,
    • Made because you are disabled (defined earlier),
    • Made to a beneficiary or to your estate after your death, or
    • One that meets the requirements listed under First home under Exceptions in chapter 1 (up to a $10,000 lifetime limit).

Visit Publication 590-B (2021), Distributions from Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs) | Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov) for more information.


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