MEA Financial Services which includes Paradigm Equities, Inc. and Fairway Investment Group, llc. does not sell any customer’s personal information for purposes of solicitation.

The goal of MEA Financial services is to provide high quality programs supported by excellent customer service. We value your business and we appreciate the trust you have placed in us. As a customer of MEA Financial Services, Paradigm Equities, Inc., and Fairway Investment Group, llc., we take the safeguarding of your personal information very seriously.

Here you will find details about our privacy policy regarding your personal information, how to obtain current regulatory information through the FINRA Disclosure Program and our policy should there be a significant disruption in our business operations.

Please read the information carefully to understand the policy of MEA Financial Services/Paradigm Equities, Inc./Fairway Investment Group, LLC regarding the protection and use of customer information.

We believe that by knowing more about you and by occasionally sharing this information among the MEA family of companies and with other select partners not affiliated with us, we can deliver better and more relevant products and services to you.