MEA Financial Services, Inc. with Paradigm Equities, Inc. and Fairway Investment Group, LLC (The Companies) has a business continuity plan in place. Should a significant disruption in services occur proper notifications will take place and additional information will be made available on this website.

The Companies have developed and implemented a Business Continuity Plan in order to ensure our customers’ assets and accounts are accessible in the event of a Significant Business Disruption (SBD). With respect to maintaining the Companies as a continuing business in the face of significant business disruptions, it is the policy of the firm’s management to respond to an SBD by first safeguarding employees’ lives and firm property, protecting all of the firm’s books and records, making a financial and operational assessment, and quickly recovering and resuming operations to allow our customers the ability to transact business and for the firm to provide customer services. In the event that we determine we are unable to continue our business, we will notify our customers and advise them of alternative procedures to access their funds. At MEA Financial Services and its affiliates, all our customers have independent access to their funds and account information through available websites and telephone connections of the specific company where the customer’s funds are invested. Such access permits account verification by the customer independent of the Group.

In the event of a significant SBD, we will implement immediate customer notification procedures that provide alternate communication arrangements. This information will be posted on this web site. Status information messages will be recorded on a special “hot line” phone connection (800-292-1950). In the event of a more serious SBD, the aforementioned procedures will be supplemented with general radio announcements, and if necessary newspaper announcements and social media announcements where applicable..