College Funding

College Funding

Q. How can I begin to prepare for my children's education?

A. College funding can be addressed with a number of financial solutions: education IRA's*, 529 plans**, mutual funds*, and other investment programs, as well as, life insurance. Click on the links below or the drop down menus above to visit the following links:


Education Funding



* Securities offered through Paradigm Equities, Inc. Member of FINRA, Paradigm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MEA Financial Services.        

**529 Disclosure - Please read the offering statement and participation agreement and carefully consider the investment objectives, risk and expenses before investing or sending money. Investments in the 529 plans are subject to market risk and there is no guarantee that funds will be sufficient to cover all college costs.

Investor's home state may only offer favorable tax treatment for investing in a plan offered by such state. Many tax provisions involving 529 plans are scheduled to expire in 2010 unless extended or made permanent by Congress. Guarantees and/payments are based on the claims-paying ability of Issuer and not on the value of the securities within the account.

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