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Welcome to Fairway Investment Group, LLC.

Fairway Investment Group is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Our comprehensive approach to investing is client-centric by committing to the following principles:


As a Registered Investment Advisor, Fairway Investment Group is designed to make sure your needs are the only motivating force. To make sure our planning and investment management services are aligned to your needs, our Investment Advisor Representatives charge on a fee-based arrangement.


We strive to educate our clients on investment options available to them. It is through this process that our clients can make informed investment decisions. Although Fairway is a fee-based investment platform, this isn’t always the most cost effective arrangement for every client. Our bottom line is that we will partner with you to implement investment strategies that are designed with you in mind!


As an RIA, Fairway has a fiduciary duty to our clients. This means our Investment Advisor Representatives have a fundamental obligation to act in your best interest to provide:

  • suitable, fair and balanced investment advice
  • on-going active management
  • annual portfolio reviews

Check our firm or your Investment Advisor Representative on the SECs Advisor Check: https://www.adviserinfo.sec.gov/


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