Traditional IRA

Traditional IRA

IRAs are a great way to invest for retirement as the earnings on your investment compound on a tax-deferred basis.

Any employed person can contribute to a traditional IRA whether or not they are an active participant in their employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Individuals who are not active participants can generally contribute up to a maximum dollar amount established by the IRS (see contribution limits) or 100% of their income, whichever is less, and when elgible deduct their contribution amount from their annual tax return .

Those who are active participants in an employer-sponsored plan may also be eligible to take advantage of the deduction if their adjusted gross income is below the level established for that tax year.

A non-deductible traditional IRA occurs when an individual is actively participating in an employer sponsored retirement plan but still wishes to contribute to a traditional IRA. In many cases, due to income, they are not eligible to deduct their contributions from their current tax return. However, the earnings on their contribution still accrue on a tax-deferred basis and they are not taxed until they begin withdrawing them or taking them out as income.


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Catch-Up Provision

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Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)

Contributions to a traditional IRA may or may not be deductible or nondeductible, depending on your age, total income, and whether you are covered by a retirement plan through your employer. For phaseout limits and other restrictions on the deductible portion of your IRA contributions see IRS Publication 590.


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