Mutual Fund IRA

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund IRA allows opportunity to seek higher returns while diversifying risk. Mutual funds buy securities in a variety of industries and companies with the intention of meeting the objectives of the fund.

Mutual fund IRAs give you the advantage to conveniently exchange your current fund program into other funds of the same or different investment objectives within a family of mutual funds without having to pay taxes.

When investment needs change, you may move your investment within the fund family with a toll free call.

Each mutual fund states its financial objective in its prospectus. Prior to investing in a mutual fund you must be presented with a copy of a fund's prospectus. Although the prospectus looks to be intimidating reading material, it is important that you read it to understand the mutual fund's objectives and whether the fund's investment goals are compatible with your own.


  • Professional Management - specially trained money managers make decisions based on extensive, ongoing economic research into the financial performance of companies and specific security issues, taking into account general economic and market trends.
  • Diversification - by distributing the pool of shareholder dollars across many securities, the fund diversifies its holdings potentially reducing risk should some investments turn sour, but also increasing the opportunity of picking up potential winners.*
  • Liquidity - investors can cash in all or part of their shares at any time and receive the then current net asset value of their investment, which may be more or less than the original cost.
  • Record Keeping - regular account statements to simplify bookkeeping to assist you in easy tracking of your account activity and performance.
  • Automatic Reinvestment Of Dividends and Capital Gains - mutual funds allow you to reinvest these towards the purchase of additional shares.
  • Affordability - as little as $25 a pay may get you started.


For a list of the available mutual fund families offered through Paradigm Equities, Inc. and for more complete information including charges and expenses, and to request a free prospectus (read carefully prior to investing or sending money), please contact us at 1-800-292-1950 or click on our "Send Me Information!" link to complete our online request form.

Mutual funds are subject to market risk, which causes their value to fluctuate. MEA Financial Services offers all security products through Paradigm Equities, Inc., Member of FINRA and SIPC. Paradigm Equities, Inc. is the broker/dealer subsidiary of MEA Financial Services.

*Diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against loss.

MEA Financial Services/Paradigm Equities, Inc. does not give tax or legal advice. The comments regarding the law and tax treatment simply reflect our understanding of current interpretations of such laws. Since laws are always subject to interpretation and possible changes, we recommend that you seek the counsel of an attorney, accountant or other qualified tax advisor regarding these matters as it applies to your particular situation.

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